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2793 yrlg resizedBUNKER HILL 2793
Our proven Suffolk Stud entry to the 2014 NSIP Sale in Spencer, Iowa. Bunker Hill 2793 is sired by "Sparty" the high indexing proven sire in the Suffolk breed and out of one of our old top proven dams. We used Bunker Hill 2793 on a select group of ewes last fall and are most pleasantly surprised with the results. Bunker Hill 2793 is currently ranked as the third highest proven sire in the Suffolk breed for the Carcass Plus index. He currently has a Post Weaning Weight EBV of 7.0, an Eye Muscle Depth EBV of 1.2, Fat EBV of -3.2 and a Carcass Plus Index of 161 (information listed in the NSIP catalog is incorrect). We think that this is the type of Suffolk Stud ram that can transform the breed. The ram has a large frame with plenty of growth but with tremendous capacity and spring of rib not found on most Suffolk rams. He is siring lambs with a surprising amount of loin eye size all while keeping back fat at a minimal. A great set of wheels and clean fleece complete the package.
Pretty foolish to sell the ram??? We have a 3/4 brother (same dam sired by "War Horse") that we intend to use this fall making Bunker Hill 2793 available. Let us know if you have an interest as we would love to visit more about this proven stud.

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There is an old axiom which goes something like "if it is a fact, it is not really bragging". That is how we feel about NSIP's latest release of elites for Suffolk Terminal Sires. Measured by the CARCASS PLUS INDEX (the index which balances both muscle and growth into one economically based number and is the standard used by most terminal sire breeders) Bunker Hill Farm did quite well. For example: 6 of the top 8 elite proven sires are either owned or bred by Bunker Hill Farm, 25 of the top 32 elite proven dams are bred by Bunker Hill Farm, 26 of the top 32 elite young sires are bred by Bunker Hill Farm, and 26 of the top 32 elite young dams are bred by Bunker Hill Farm. There is another old saying that "fame is fleeting" so you can understand our eagerness to annouce these results. You can find the complete listing of all elites at the NSIP website under the drop down labeled reports.
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b2ap3_thumbnail_27932.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_2848B_resize.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_28683_resize.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_2865-resized.JPGPictured are the four yearling rams we have at the farm in Ohio. From left to right: BH 2793 (sired by "SPARTY" the present leading proven sire in the Suffolk breed for the Carcass Plus index) who we consider a great stud prospect and a very complete well balanced ram with a Carcass Plus index of 153, he is one of the two ram lambs we used last fall and we are anxious to see his progeny's scan results; BH 2848 out of Mint Gold 2005 is a high growth ram with a Post Weaning Weight EBV of 7.2 he has tremendous bone and is going to be a big volume ram, he was used by Bob and Judy Foster last fall; BH 2868 another son of Mint Gold 2005 has one of the highest Loin Eye Depth EBV at plus 2.0 of any ram that we have scanned here at Bunker Hill , some would refer to him as a little meat wagon; BH 2865 the far right ram is the second of the ram lambs we used last fall, he has an excellent Carcass Plus Index of 158 which puts him in the top 4% of the Suffolk breed and was bred to a group of top ewe lambs he is also sired by "SPARTY".
We are still waiting on our post weaning weights and scans before any final determinations about these rams but If we have tweeked your interest on a particular ram please let us know, we would be glad to work with you.
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