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                                  Bunker Hill 2868 Our Senior Stud         

               28683 resize

We used five stud rams this past fall and we are excited about their coming lambs in Feburary. We used two ram lambs BH3040 and BH3043. BH3040 is the highest growth ram we have ever used with a PWW EBV of 12.7 and BH3043 a high indexing ram with a Carcass Plus EBV of 170. Our two yearling rams that we used were BH2968 and BH2870. BH2968 has an exceptional Carcass Plus EBV of 173 and was our last lamb born in 2014 which led to him not being used as a lamb. BH2870 was our choice of the four ram lambs we used last fall to reuse this year. BH2868 (pictured above) is a coming three year old ram and is sired by a Mint Gold Ranch ram which makes him a bit of an out cross ram. The average Carcass Plus Index of this group of rams is over 166 making them the highest indexing set of rams we have ever used. For more detailed information on this set of rams refer to the "Our Genetics" page

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3001sideBunker Hill 3001(Lot29)      

Sired by BH 2910 our Lot 28 yearling ram. He has EBVs of PWW 7.6, EMD .8, Fat -1.9 and Carcass Plus index 153. He is our best son of BH2910 and offers a lot of eye appeal to go along with excellent EBVs..

3002rearBunker Hill 3002 (Lot 30)

Sired by BH2895 our Lot 27 yearling ram. BH 3002 has EBVs of PWW 6.2, EMD 1.4, Fat -1.6 and Carcass Plus index 153. We are not sure we have ever raised a thicker, more compactly built ram and not exactly what we expected from his more extended sire.

3017sideBunker Hill 3017 (Lot 31)

Sired by BH2868 who is sired by a Mint Gold ram. BH 3017 EBVs are PWW 6.5, EMD .9, Fat -2.1 and Carcass Plus index of 151. BH3017 is an exciting blend of the large loin eye sheep of Mint Gold and the high growth sheep of MSU.                      

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28953 resizeBUNKER HILL 2895

We have finally decided on our Center of the Nation (NSIP) sale entries. It was a very difficult decsion on which two of the four ram lambs we used last fall to offer for sale. We have decided to sale Bunker Hill 2895 and Bunker Hill 2910 (we are keeping sons of both rams) in the Center of the Nation sale. You can find their current breeding values and pedigree information on the "our genetics" dropdown. We have also decided to consign three ram lambs: Bunker Hill 3001 (a BH 2910 son), Bunker Hill 3002 ( a BH2895 son) and Bunker Hill 3017 ( a BH2868 son). We will be providing additional information on these rams stay tuned.

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2968resizeBUNKER HILL 2968

Bunker Hill 2968 was out of a ewe lamb and was one of our last lambs born last spring. We did not feel like he was quite mature enough to breed with in the fall and failed to use him as we normally do with our top ram lambs. He is sired by MSU 152 and out of our highest indexing "Sparty" daughter. He has a Post Weaning EBV of 8.4, an Eye Muscle Depth EBV of 1.8 and a Carcass Plus index of 173. His Carcass Plus index ranks him 1st on the elite young sire list. We look forward to using him this fall. Just because BH 2968 is a little late to the chase does not mean that he can not still be the first one to "bark treed". To view the rams we did use last fall go to "Our genetics"


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